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To some it was a long time ago, while some remember it like it was yesterday. The disaster that occurred on April 26, 1986 in Chernobyl Ukraine has had a huge impact on not only the people surrounding the area, but all life in the area. 1,600 square miles now being deemed an exclusion zone, this land cannot be lived on, or hardly even entered without very strict security clearance and specific security measures taken to protect from radiation. Many see this land as a zone of failure and destruction. Though not all see it the same way. Though the land cannot house humans, or most life in general, it does not mean that it is there to be wasted. The land still gets sunlight. Now with the growing popularity of solar energy more people are seeing where real potential is for solar farms. These people have seen that exact potential in the currently baron wasteland.

In a recent interview, Ukraine’s ecology Minister has stated that there have been multiple offers by US and Canadian companies who are looking into creating the largest solar farm to ever exist to date. The sun has not stopped shining in this exclusion zone and would be an ideal place to harvest the sun’s energy. So much energy that it could even potentially create up to 1/3 the energy that was created by the nuclear power plant when it was functioning. Keeping in mind that the only potential spill from this energy can easily be prevented by some some screen.

Though the country still insists on its dedication to nuclear powered electricity, it is still very important to see that solar is getting recognition on a huge global stage. If this idea works out, it could definitely become a large boost for other countries to look at solar energy potential as well!

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