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Canada’s Wind and solar energy sectors are growing MUCH better than thought before.

With a lengthy amount of time spent over dealing with sky high gas prices, crashing oil, coal, and natural gas values, many Canadians are unaware that the alternative energy source’s industry is sky rocketing. Clean energy investment broke new records in 2015 and is now seeing twice as much global funding as fossil fuels.

One reason this ratio is so high is because of the low prices it can cost to create clean energy! Recent solar and wind auctions in Mexico and Morocco ended with winning bids from companies that promised to produce electricity at the cheapest rate, from any source, anywhere in the world, said Michael Liebreich, chairman of the advisory board for Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

Even though we are  in a time where oil will be cheap for some time, this actually doesn’t affect the investments of clean energy , says Liebreich

Since 2000 the total amount of energy created by solar power has doubled seven times over! Wind power as well has doubled four times over during the same period despite being already established.

Oil and gas losses are a direct result of too much supply, and not enough demand. But with Solar and wind technology the market is perfect with the growth of all- electric cars, and more and more efficient  technologies that are growing to every device. This type of energy can be used anywhere, for almost anything. Natural gas will still be used for when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, but even with the cost of utility- scale batteries dropping, that will eventually to, be in the past.

Solar is a wonderful growing market and the more the public invests, and contributes, the cheaper and easier it is for consumers to convert.

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