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Solar technology is blowing up in popularity. The applications that are now available for solar is growing daily. From portable phone chargers, to entire amusement parks being powered by their own solar farms. Solar power is providing power many different ways. The latest though may be one of the smartest and most convenient applications yet.

Going for a walk around any city, benches are something that you will not only see several times, but it is something you are bound to use. Taking a break off your feet may be one of the most needed relaxing moments you will have all day. Now it is going to be even more beneficial. Soofa is a brand new technology that turns single use benches to multi- purpose applications. Having a solar panel built into the bench, it collects power that can be used by whomever 2 people are sitting beside the charging station with room for one non charger, and 2 charging seats. But the station does even more. The NYC Parks Department has installed a wifi device sensor, this allows the “bench” to  measure how many people are using the park, allowing for accurate traffic measuring which then allows the municipality to focus its progressing efforts on the more popular areas.  The bench is also made using sustainably harvested materials.

Starting originally in Boston, the bench has spread to 12 states, and 5 countries, with New York City set to get five of these mobile charging stations in the Highbridge Parks, between Manhattan and the Bronx over the coming months.

“Your cell phone doesn’t just make phone calls, why should our benches just be seats?” commented Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston.

Soofa promised that in the future it will be able to measure everything from air quality, to people flow.Since March 2016, the Cambridge Soofa Bench network, for example, has charged over 4,000 devices. Including President Barack Obama’s phone as he sat and chatted about Soofa and its technological benefits to society while at the annual Maker Faire, in Washington D.C.

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